Reach more prospects even when your competitor is almost leading with potential customers.

Advertise your business with us in specific business category listing.
Get the awareness you need in a smart non invasive approach.
Price starts from RM5/ Day.

Question I heard PMjer is FREE why should I pay for premium ads?
AnswerThis website is fueled by love and passion. A passion to drive more business to happen between you and your potential customers. Buy me a coffee with just RM5/day. It’s cheaper than your shopping mall parking fee.
Question How to advertise?
AnswerSimple click view advertisement form button below and make the necessary configuration of your ads. You can also pay immediately via multiple online banking options and have your advertisement running in the next calendar day till the end.
Question What is the benefit of advertising here?
AnswerYou can pick to which PMjer business categories you want your ads to appear. Your ads will appear right below their Whatsapp button. Imagine you offer a massage service, you might want to beat your potential competitors healthily.
Question How much is advertising with PMjer?
AnswerOur charge is simple and straight forward. Only RM5/day per category. Only your ads will appear under that category until it finishes. Other advertiser must waif for their turn and will be notified once the space is almost expiring. You can list your name in the waiting list if the slot is full.
Question How much impression do i get?
AnswerWe will provide a report on how much a your ads appear for the period of advertisement. It is calculated from the total number of view for all PMjer links under the category you selected.
Question Can I use my PMjer link in Facebook ads?
AnswerYes you may! This will further helps your advertisement to engage with more potential customers instantly. Whatsapp communication means another prospect to follow up with.
Question Can I put my Facebook pixel code in my PMjer link?
AnswerYes, fantastic right? You can also put any other tracking code too 🙂
Question What kind of ads format i can use?
AnswerYou can use ads by static image or animated image within 500px X 500px in dimension size and less than 100kb in file size. Or choose text link advertisement up to 500  alphabets.